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May 18, 2021
Generating Preview Images for My Site

How I generate custom image previews for apps like iMessage and Signal. Read post

Nov 29, 2020
Unihack 2020: Building Study Generator

My experience building Study Generator at my first hackathon. Read post

Aug 31, 2020
Managing my DNS through DNSControl

How I manage my DNS records with git and JavaScript using DNSControl. Read post

Jul 31, 2020
Building my own CDN

How I built my own CDN for my site from scratch. Read post

Jun 08, 2020
Caching Images on the Edge with S3 and Workers KV

My setup using Cloudflare Workers and Workers' KV database to cache files on Amazon S3. Read post

May 26, 2020
Building my new blog

My journey building my blog on the JAMStack with Eleventy and Netlify. Read post

Mar 23, 2020
GHBuddies Progress Update 1

Progress Update for GHBuddies, a project I started at GHP last summer. Read post